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2010-11-20 18:12:09 by Sixty3Zero

I've done just about nothing here. The only possible way to become any sort of famous (or at least gain a bit of recognition) would be the Art Portal. I'm a pretty skilled artist when it comes to pencil on paper work; however, I am also skilled in digital work, namely MSPaint.

I'll try to upload something soon. It's been a year since I've even logged in.

Oh boy art portal.

2009-06-22 12:17:56 by Sixty3Zero

At least I can submit SOMETHING now. >_>

I can't get medals.

2009-06-06 06:09:17 by Sixty3Zero

Everytime I get a medal in a game, and I go to check it on my page, it isn't there.



2009-05-21 02:06:20 by Sixty3Zero


I was going to show my friend Metal Gear Awesome 4 (Guns of the Awesome) by Callum Stamp, and while I was going to my page to find it in my favorites, I pointed out my medals.

After explaining what they were, he said the stupidest-ass thing I've ever heard:

"Newgrounds has games?"


2009-05-17 09:23:31 by Sixty3Zero

Geez, I haven't posted anything since September... x.x

I'm TRYING to update my blurb, but for some reason I can't REMEMBER MY FUCKING PASSWORD!! >:O

As you can see, though, I'm collecting medals for lulz. Hopefully I'll have a good amount by... next September. >:O

Also, I have to get around to making my own picture/banner/icon.




2008-09-29 21:55:23 by Sixty3Zero

Well, this is my first newsflash.

I really don't know what to do yet... so I'm gonna stay neutral for a while. :/